About Us

Welcome to Blueberry Backroads! I'm Sara, and I'm the pattern designer. 

As a kid, I loved to draw and dreamed of becoming an artist. In 2007 my mom encouraged me to design a Christmas ornament pattern for her quilt shop, and Blueberry Backroads was born.

Over the years I’ve expanded what started as all embroidery into appliqué, a little quilting, and working with wool. I recently completed my largest project yet - Betsy's Blankie - a baby quilt for my little girl.

I live in Minneapolis with with Betsy, Tony, our dog Stevie, and Kitty. We love to spend time outdoors in the summer and go to HOT yoga in the winter. I'm also a big fan of just hanging out with my girl, travel, cooking, and spending time with nieces and nephews.

Thank you all for stopping by Blueberry Backroads where I invite you to explore embroidery!


P.S. Many of you know me through my creative quilter mom - Emily from Red Button Quilt Company. Check out her page for awesome little mini quilts in red red red!